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Accounting malpractice can occur when legal and ethical standards have been violated

Accounting malpractice takes place when a professional commits fraud or negligence that is not consistent with the reasonable standard of care in the field of accounting. As is the case with other types of malpractice, these kinds of cases can be difficult to prove and often times require a large amount of forensic accounting efforts to make a case.  When…

The advantages of hiring an experienced appellate lawyer

Business law can be extremely complicated, and in court cases involving large companies, in-house legal teams can easily be overwhelmed by a myriad of due diligence, motions, briefs and the sheer volume of work involved in a case.  And when you’ve decided to appeal a decision against you, or you need to mount a defense to an appeal, hiring an…

A brief overview of antitrust law

Antitrust laws seek to protect consumers and businesses from anti-competitive business practices, such as through monopolies or business practices undertaken by two or more businesses to restrain or suppress competition.  The goal of antitrust laws is to encourage companies to make better products and offer them at lower prices to benefit consumers. There are four main antitrust laws: The Sherman…