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E-Discovery & Litigation Holds

More than 99 percent of business information is now produced, stored and communicated in electronic forms such as emails, databases, spreadsheets and word processing documents. This expanding information deluge of the 21st century dramatically impacts the litigation discovery process as electronic data presents special problems not know in the paper world.

Electronic data is voluminous. Litigants frequently work with thousands of gigabytes of data, and one gigabyte of text data, if printed, would fill the bed of a pickup truck with paper. Data is also created in hundreds of different software applications and computer operations and stored across networks on desktops, servers, backup tapes, portable disks and thumb drives, just to name a few possible locations. And data, unlike paper, is easily deleted, modified, overwritten and lost. Each of these date features creates special discovery, evidence and litigation problems.

Often the greatest litigation cost is the selection, collection and review of data. It is absolutely critical to choose the right universe of documents and work with the best vendors for your case. The Zagrans’ E-Discovery Team guides our clients through the critical decision-making process by keyword or contextual-based searching and whether relevance and privilege reviews should be undertaken by an in-house team, contract lawyers or off-shore providers.

The focus of our E-Discovery Team is to make e-discovery manageable, cost-efficient, understandable and ultimately a force in your favor.