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Month: August 2016

Understanding the basics of securities fraud

Securities fraud is a white-collar crime that can encompass a variety of investments such as stocks, bank notes, bonds, investment contracts, and more.  It takes place when an individual, company or an organization buys, sells, or trades one of these instruments under false pretenses. Specifically, those false pretenses can include the following: Insider trading – If a person is associated…

Finding value with a real estate lawyer

For many people, real estate represents the most significant transaction they will ever be involved in.  Whether it is a residential transaction or a commercial transaction, the details are numerous, and every single one of them needs to be addressed to ensure a smooth transaction takes place. Unless you make your living in the real estate industry, the documents can…

Legal issues to consider in a Merger and Acquisition transaction.

Mergers and acquisitions take place for a number of reasons, from creating an economy of scale by combining operations, to product and service diversification, to capturing an increased market share, and many others. From a legal standpoint, there are several things to consider that will require an experienced mergers and acquisitions lawyer.  The most basic of these is how the…

Common issues in insurance coverage disputes

Lawyers who represent both plaintiffs and defendants in insurance coverage disputes face several possible sticking points when it comes to issues that could create an adversarial atmosphere which could further hinder resolutions to a claim. Discovery – Many discovery requests can be unnecessary and counter-productive because they are unduly burdensome.  By putting pressure on one side or the other, it…

How to select a good bankruptcy attorney

Unfortunately, sometimes bad things happen to good people.  That holds true whether it’s in a person’s private life or their business life.  And one of the unpleasant issues a person or a business owner might face is the prospect of filing for bankruptcy. It’s not a decision that should be taken lightly, nor is it a process that you should…