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Questions to ask that will help you find the best acquisitions lawyer

On Behalf of | May 25, 2016 | Uncategorized

Making sure you have the right legal team in place is essential before you acquire another business or your company itself is acquired.  The vetting process should be rigorous so that you can be sure your interests are well represented.

Here are some basic questions to ask as part of the initial screening process.

What experience does your firm have not only with mergers and acquisitions but also, with related areas such as tax laws and accounting systems?

Is your firm able to do a legal check-up before entering into the acquisition process to make sure that our firm is in the best possible alignment for an acquisition?

How well versed is your firm with anti-monopoly laws and regulations that govern the U.S. Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission?

Do you have experience with intellectual property issues and proprietary technology?

Because tax issues may or may not be an important part of the acquisition process, does your firm have good working knowledge of tax codes, government audits, and experience in negotiating with the IRS?

If the company is in a regulated industry that requires approval of a regulator prior to the transaction being completed, what experience does your firm have in understanding these types of issues?

If the transaction involves a foreign company, does your firm have international law experience and have you had any dealings with the U.S. Department of Commerce?

Since acquisitions often times include combining work forces, does your firm have experience in general human resources laws, negotiating with unions and related matters?

Acquiring assets also can involve real estate.  Does your firm have good working knowledge when it comes to reviewing existing deeds and leases, title reports, operating leases, and sales agreements?

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