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Current Cases & Investigations

  • Leimkuehler v. American United Life Ins. Co., S.D. Indiana No. 1:10-cv-00333-JMS-TAB
  • Sallas v. Giordano’s Enterprises, Inc., N.D. Illinois No. 1:09-cv-03745-JHL
  • Estate of Mikulski v. Centerior Energy Corp., Cuya. Cty. [Ohio] C.P. No. CV-01-457866 (J. Sutula)
  • Estate of Mikulski v. Cleve. Elec. Illumin. Co., Cuya. Cty. [Ohio] C.P. No. CV-02-490019 (J. Ambrose)
  • Estate of Mikulski v. Centerior Energy Corp., 8th Dist. No. 94536, 2011-Ohio-696, rev’g 2010-Ohio-6167
  • Estate of Mikulski v. Toledo Edison Co., Lucas Cty. [Ohio] C.P. No. G-4801-CI-200206364 (J. Bessey)

Anthem Insurance Companies

  • To review the current information for the class action against Anthem Insurance Companies, please visit:
  • To read about the settlement with Wellpoint Inc., Anthem’s parent company, please visit: