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Alternative Dispute Resolutions

Zagrans Law Firm’s attorneys have used alternative dispute resolution (ADR) to settle claims worth billions in cases involving business, contract and commercial disputes as well as other claims. Our trial law experience has made us aggressive client advocates who also understand the need for nuanced negotiation and strategic compromise.

With our distinctive experience and knowledge of ADR and trial law, Zagrans Law Firm provides unparalleled ADR representation and service. Our attorneys can serve as neutral parties or represent clients in ADR proceedings, including arbitrations, mediations and serving as a private judge, mediator, arbitrator and special master.

Our lawyers are skilled in ADR, but understand that it is not appropriate for every case. If a legal matter cannot be resolved through mediation, arbitration or other methods of ADR, we advise clients on the risks and benefits of litigation.

We have considerable experience in ADR methods and procedures. One of our lawyers also served on the committee that wrote the ADR rules in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Ohio and was an original panelist. In addition, he was appointed to serve as the mediator or neutral evaluator in eight federal cases during an 18-month period in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Ohio.