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Professional Liability Law: Your Advocates For Justice

At Zagrans Law Firm LLC in Columbus, we understand the gravity of professional liability and the impact it can have on individuals and businesses throughout Ohio and across the country. With over 45 years of legal experience, attorney Eric Zagrans has established himself as a valuable ally in professional liability cases.

We are committed to providing you with excellent legal services characterized by the highest standards of ethics and professionalism. Attorney Zagrans’s extensive experience with complex litigation issues in both state and federal courts ensures that, no matter how complicated your case, you have a highly experienced litigator at your side.

Understanding Professional Liability

Professional malpractice occurs when a professional fails to perform their duties to the standard required by their profession, leading to harm or loss. This can be a devastating experience, and it’s crucial to have an attorney who knows the courtroom and can fight for your rights effectively.

At Zagrans Law Firm LLC, we can help you with a variety of malpractice claims, including:

  • Accountant and auditor liability
  • Legal malpractice
  • Medical malpractice

Our dedication to advocating for our clients is unwavering. We work tirelessly to help you overcome the legal obstacles you face, whether through litigation or alternative dispute resolution methods.

Representing You In Complex Medical Malpractice Cases

Medical malpractice can be more than a simple medical mistake. Every doctor and health care professional owes a duty of care to their patients. When they breach this duty, whether through a missed diagnosis or a surgical error and cause a new or worsened injury, the injured patient may have a valid medical malpractice claim.

Our seasoned attorney has years of experience in complex medical malpractice cases. We have worked with experts in a wide range of medical fields to provide the complete representation seriously injured patients deserve. Whether you suffered from brain damage, a birth injury, or now face long-term complications or illnesses, you can trust us to help hold negligent health care providers accountable.

Legal Malpractice Can Have Serious Impacts On Your Case

Lawyers make mistakes. Most of the time, the mistake can be corrected or resolved. But, there may be times when the error is so serious that the damage can destroy a client’s case. That is when the mistake becomes a legal malpractice case. Even excellent lawyers in large and well-respected firms can commit malpractice, overcharge and are more likely to find themselves in conflict of interest situations.

There are many different ways in which malpractice can occur and it covers every single area of law. Sometimes the nature of the malpractice is clear. For example, an attorney misses a critical statute of limitations and the client’s case is lost forever. Usually, though, it is not quite that simple; the wrongful conduct is more subtle and almost always requires expert legal witnesses to establish the malpractice.

Whether the malpractice is distinct or complex, when a lawyer’s conduct has lost or caused damage to a client’s case, it becomes necessary to not only prove that the lawyer was negligent, but also prove what the outcome of the case would have been in the absence of the lawyer’s negligence. Often, this requires trying the underlying case in the trial of the legal malpractice case. This is one of the reasons why lawyer malpractice cases are both difficult and expensive.

Accountant And Auditor Liability

Zagrans Law Firm LLC is one of the most experienced law firms in the United States at handling cases involving accounting and audit issues. For over 45 years, we have been successfully representing clients in professional negligence lawsuits.

We regularly take on the most complex, cutting-edge accounting cases. With over 45 years of experience, we not only have sufficient knowledge to understand these issues, but we also know how to break them down and explain them so that a judge and jury can understand them too.

Helping You Pursue Justice Against Negligent Professionals

If professional negligence has affected you or your business, take the first step towards justice. Contact Zagrans Law Firm LLC by calling 440-452-7100 or completing our online contact form. Let us be your champions in the legal arena and help protect your rights and interests.