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The advantages of hiring an experienced appellate lawyer

On Behalf of | May 11, 2016 | Uncategorized

Business law can be extremely complicated, and in court cases involving large companies, in-house legal teams can easily be overwhelmed by a myriad of due diligence, motions, briefs and the sheer volume of work involved in a case.  And when you’ve decided to appeal a decision against you, or you need to mount a defense to an appeal, hiring an appellate lawyer who is experienced in federal and state court matters can bring considerable value to your cause.

Appellate attorneys bring a different perspective to a case.  Having a fresh perspective on a case can unlock new strategies and raise questions and issues that the trial attorney of record may have missed or not considered initially.  Many times, out of necessity, a trial attorney must decide on a course of action and that can create tunnel vision which has both advantages and disadvantages.  An appellate attorney can view a case more objectively than an attorney who has already completely immersed themselves in it.

An appellate attorney has a better understanding of appellate judges.  By virtue of the fact that they specialize in federal and state appellate matters, an appellate lawyer will exercise their experience in helping a trial team understand the nuances of an appellate court system, including concerns that a case may set a precedent and open up courts to a flood of related cases or frivolous legal actions.

An appellate lawyer is not already emotionally invested in a case.  Because they are not already invested in the arguments in a case, they can more easily adjust arguments and frame them better for an appeals court.  Experience with appeals will also help a trial attorney more effectively gauge which arguments will work best in an appeals court setting.

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