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What Others Say About Us

Our reputation for integrity and competence has won us praise from the bench, the respect of our adversaries and colleagues, and the allegiance of our clients.

In working with Eric Zagrans as co-counsel on litigation matters, I have observed first hand the core values of innovation, client service, integrity and excellence he adopts in his practice. He invests time to listen to the client’s needs and structures his advocacy to effectively and persuasively present their position to the Court through well written briefs and superb oral advocacy. His exceedingly high professional standards are evidence in every aspect of his successful practice.
—Denise M. Hasbrook, Roetzel & Andress

In my more than 30 years of practice, I have never seen an oral advocate in action more adept or more persuasive than Eric Zagrans.
—Thomas R. Theado, Gary, Naegele & Theado, LLC

In a world where lawyers often have a reputation of dishonesty and greed, I found my experience with Eric Zagrans to be the exact opposite. His integrity, authenticity, compassion and consistent professionalism provided me with a sense of security during a difficult time. I would not hesitate to recommend him anytime.
—Mary Faktor, Client

I would not hesitate to refer a complex matter to Eric. His insight is clear and focused.
—Roger M. Synenberg, Synenberg & Associates LLC

Having had the opportunity to work closely with many lawyers during my years as a court reporter, I have always been impressed with Eric’s knowledge of the law, his attention and his sense of fairness. Hiring Eric is a smart move and one that I recommend.
—Lynn Thompson, Mehler & Hagestrom

Having worked with Eric Zagrans on a specific project for approximately 8 years, it is my opinion that Eric is a hardworking, resourceful, insightful and dedicated individual who is very knowledgeable about the issues and the law. Eric has an outstanding and superb ability to accurately and concisely present both in writing and orally his client’s position and the law regarding those positions. He is a very capable attorney who puts his client’s interests first and foremost in his representation of them. Any client of Eric’s can be assured that they will be well represented at all times.
—Terry Shilling, Law Director, City of Elyria

In litigation, Eric is my “go-to” guy. He has taken over major litigation with one night’s notice and performed brilliantly. In the courtroom, he is master!
—Fred P. Schwartz, The Schwartz Law Firm

Eric is a superlative attorney, who is exceptionally skilled at litigating highly complex cases. He excels in both theoretical and practical thinking, and uses innovative and logical reasoning to deliver exceptional results. He possesses a long record of significant accomplishment in the law and always gives meticulous attention to detail. Further, Eric is a powerful orator in court, communicating forcefully and effectively (besides thinking fast on his feet).
—Peter Kahana, Berger & Montague, P.C.

Eric is a great attorney, always thoroughly prepared for whatever case he is handling. Loves to use and embraces all of the latest technology, and all court reporters love to work with him because he speaks loud and clear and is considerate towards them. In short, a pleasure to work for and with….just a class act.
—Dave Tackla, Tackla Court Reporting

Eric is a gifted appellate advocate.
—Robert Gary, Gary, Naegele & Theado, LLC