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How to effectively engage an expert witness

Expert witnesses can bring a tremendous boost of credibility to courtroom arguments for a plaintiff or for a defense.  That’s why it is vital to choose a top expert witness and use them appropriately for a particular case and legal issue. Here are some things to consider when choosing an expert witness: What are their qualifications?  Make sure the expert…

How the Supreme Court decides what cases to hear

If your case is significant enough, your lawyer may decide to seek an appeal by the U.S. Supreme Court.  Bear in mind, though; the Supreme Court will only hear certain types of cases.  And this will happen after you have exhausted other legal courses of action. Those actions start with the filing of a lawsuit in a local, state or…

Understanding the burden of proof in shareholder litigation

Executives of publicly traded companies have a duty to provide transparency and to make every attempt to provide a reasonable rate of return for their shareholders. In a tumultuous business environment, that can create issues that put executives at odds with each other, the public, regulators, and shareholders.  They are accountable to all those parties while maintaining their effort to…

Understanding the types of damages involved with serious injuries

If you are involved in an incident where someone is seriously injured, it’s almost a sure thing that legal actions seeking compensation will follow at some point.  Lawyers representing parties involved in serious injury cases are charged with either minimizing the amount of damages a plaintiff can collect, or maximizing the award, which can come in many forms. The exact…