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Timelines to remember when filing an appeal in Ohio

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2024 | Appellate Practice

When a court decision rules in favor of the other party, that is not necessarily the end of the case. If things don’t go your way again there, you may strive for a second chance by pursuing an appeal to a higher court.

The appellate process can be tedious and lengthy, even if the Court of Appeals and Supreme Court don’t hold new trials to hear the case in question. Appellate judges review and analyze the information and proceedings before affirming or overruling the decision.

Raise your side to the Court of Appeals first

You must file a notice of appeal within 30 days of the entry of judgment, including weekends and holidays. However, the court will accept an appeal later if the last day falls on a weekend or holiday.

You should also submit a written order that instructs the trial court to gather all the records needed for the appellate review. Another requirement is the docketing statement, which has basic information on the appeal and contact details of both parties.

Aim for your last chance at the Supreme Court

There is a slightly longer period to appeal before the Supreme Court as an appellant can file within 45 days from the Court of Appeals judgment. In fact, the Ohio Supreme Court has laid out strict timelines for each phase of the appeal.

Timeliness is mandatory

The appellate courts in Ohio demand strict compliance to the timelines for filing an appeal, with the Supreme Court stressing that it disallows the Clerk to file untimely documents. In the thick of an appeal, under the press of deadlines and difficult to understand legal procedure, it’s important to keep your hopes up and trust in your attorney’s experience.