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How to find the right dispute resolution lawyer

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2016 | Uncategorized

Disputes in the business world are common.  Many times, the parties involved can work things out between themselves.  But many times, they can’t.

When both sides become “stuck” they will need to turn to professional, outside help.  Sometimes that involves a mediator, but most of the time, they turn to a dispute resolution lawyer for help.

There are many skilled lawyers who are excellent negotiators in full command of the law, but finding the right one for your circumstance still requires an appropriate level of due diligence.

Some basic things to consider are:

Has the lawyer handled this type of dispute before?

Although it may seem obvious, you do not want a tax lawyer representing you if you are dealing with labor negotiations.  Many lawyers specialize and with some digging you’ll be able to find one with the type of experience to match your situation.  In the end, that means you’ll save time and money, and increase your chances of a positive outcome in your favor.

If the dispute involves court proceedings, does the lawyer have experience in court with this type of dispute?

The difference between negotiating resolutions outside of court and in front of a judge is considerable.  Not only should your lawyer have courtroom experience, but it’s also a big plus if they have practiced law in front of the judges who will actually preside over your case.  Familiarity can give you a huge advantage.

After an initial meeting, does the lawyer have a firm grasp of the legal issues that are involved?

An understanding of the underlying issues at hand is a big step in deciding how to mount legal arguments in your best interest.  A firm grasp will also help you budget for the costs involved to resolve the dispute and how long it might take to bring it to an end.

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