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The many roles of a business transaction lawyer

On Behalf of | Jun 29, 2016 | Uncategorized

Business transaction lawyers often act as general, outside counsel for businesses and government agencies of all sizes.  It is their job to bring broad experience to a company and have an additional pool of legal help to tap into in case legal situations demand the application of greater resources.

Business transaction lawyers are essential even in the early stages of the formation of a company.  They can assist owners in determining the appropriate business structure of the new venture, whether it’s a partnership, limited liability partnership, S-corporation or a C-corporation.

Businesses require a legal team that not only has a broad experience and skills in several different disciplines but who also know how to navigate financial and practical business applications as well.

This can include legal aspects related to:

  • Daily operations such as contracts, human resources, immigration compliance, sales and marketing, distribution, compensation, financing, real estate and creditor issues.
  • Strategic initiatives that impact the future of a company, including investments, recapitalization, leases and real estate, strategic alliances, mergers/acquisitions, reorganizations, exit strategies, and international business ventures.
  • Core conduct of a business that includes investor relations, internal investigations, government regulations and inquiries, regulatory compliance, securities law, trademark/patent/copyright concerns, taxation and environmental concerns.

In a perfect world, a business owner would be able to handle all of their own legal issues without worry from potential problems or litigation.  Unfortunately, business laws have become so complex that every business will need to consult a good business transaction lawyer at some point to ensure the continued viability of their business.

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